Photo: Sunset Strip Looking West, 8200 Block, 1952

The Sunset Strip in the 1950s looking west from about Sweetzer Ave. That’s the Sunset Tower on the horizon.

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  1. Happy birthday Cleve! Semper Fi, brtheor!My ex has PTSD (not from war, but from being wrongfully incarcerated for 17 yrs). It has been hell and everything mixed together (PTSD, depression and alcoholism) led to the demise of our marriage.He’s still on the earth and I am grateful, but there are times my heart skips a beat when I don’t hear from him or I stop at the house (we are still friends) and he doesn’t answer the door right away.He refuses to go back to counseling or go back on his meds. He prefers to drink himself silly almost every day after work.All the way around, IT SUCKS!

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