Ad for Brenda Allen’s A-List Out Call Service That Appeared in the Motion Picture Academy’s ‘Player’s Directory’

Ad for Brenda Allen's A-List Out Call Service That Appeared in the Motion Picture Academy's 'Player's Directory'In 1946 and ’47, when Hollywood madam Brenda Allen ran her call-girl service out of her apartment at Casa Fedora (which is still standing at 861 S. Fedora St. [map]), she advertised in the Players Directory, which is published by AMPAS, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, producers of the Oscar’s. Check out the phone number for her service.


  1. Is the Madame Brenda Allen still alive please?
    Any pics of her today or her whereabouts?

    • By most accounts, she was born in 1918, so it’s possible that as of this writing in 2014, that could be alive, especially since she neither drank nor smoked.

  2. I have searched the internet, but have been unable to get a DoD on her, so it’s possible that she is still alive. If I recall correctly from the book “The Black Dahlia Files,” a police wiretap revealed that Miss Allen had information about the Black Dahlia murder that was never made public. If still alive, and mentally competent, she would definitely be an interesting person to talk to. Was the Black Dahlia one of her “A” girls? And if so, who was the “john?”

  3. Jon Ponder

    June 20, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    It appears Brenda died in New Jersey in 1986.

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