Five Degrees of Separation Between Alla Nazimova and Larry David

From left: Alla Nazimova, Charles Bryant, Richard Yates, Monica Yates, Larry David

Five degrees of separation between film and Broadway star Alla Nazimova and Larry David:

1. In 1912, Alla Nazimova, now into her fifth year as a legend on Broadway, entered into a faux marriage with one of her co-stars, a British actor named Charles Bryant. Alla and Charles were fixtures on the scene on Broadway and, after 1918, in Hollywood. He co-starred in nearly every movie she made for Metro, at a time when she was the highest-paid female star.

But Alla could not marry Charles because, back in Russia, in 1899, she had married Sergei Golonov, and then immediately abandoned him. Alla and Charles had an open marriage. She was bisexual and, according to her, so was he.

2. In 1925, Bryant left Nazimova for Marjorie Gilhooley whose father was a judge in New Jersey. They had two children, Charles Jr. and Sheila Bryant.

3. Shelia Bryant married novelist Richard Yates, the author of “Revolutionary Road” and other books. They had three daughters.

4. In the late 1980s, their middle daughter, Monica Yates, briefly dated …

5. Larry David, star and creator of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” around the time he was pitching a new show featuring Jerry Seinfeld.

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