Countess di Frasso, the American Heiress Dorothy Taylor, in Her Youth

This is American heiress Dorothy Taylor in a series of photographs likely taken in 1912, around the time of her marriage to British aviator Claude Grahame-White. The couple divorced in 1916, the same year she inherited about $12 million, a fortune worth $250 million today.

In 1923, she married the Count Carlo Dentice di Frasso. The couple rarely spent time together and by the 1930s, as Countess di Frasso, Dorothy was living in Hollywood, including a brief stay at the Garden of Allah, where she conducted a romance with Gary Cooper. A few years later, she had a lengthy affair with Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, the East Coast Syndicate’s boss in Southern California.

Source: The Esoterica Curiousa.

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  1. very informative!

  2. I swam in the pool at the Garden of Allah in 1958 shortly before the whole place was torn down. My mother was an actress and her friends, Michael and Pat Evans were staying there as Michael was working in a movie. I became friendly with the Evans boys Nick and younger brother Chris. I met them at that pool. In later years Nick and I became great mates and roamed around West LA and Hollywood on my Honda motorcycle. This being the “Laurel Canyon Era” of 1966. My understanding is that Nick moved back to Britain to avoid the American draft and Viet Nam War. And subsequently opened a very successful after hours pub in London catering to the Stones and other rock music loyalty. Good work “American Nick”

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