Errol Flynn's tiffs have occasionally put the Mocambo on the front page. Owner Morrison doesn't like this kind of notoriety, but he likes Errol and Nora Flynn. Here, he escorts them to their car. Van Heflin and his wife usually rough it in slacks and sweaters, but they dress up for the Mocambo. Family couples like the Heflins come to Charlie's place often. Here they're with the Morrisons.
There can be two or two hundred at a Mocambo affair -- they all get the same svelte service. Shirley Temple and John Agar usually sit home by the fire, but even they can't escape the lure of this nightclub. One of Charlie's favorite and best-dressed guests is Clark Gable (here with Nancy "Slim" Hawks). Clark usually throws big parties -- an easy and gaa way of paying off his many social obligations.

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