Elizabeth Short's mugshot

Elizabeth Short’s mugshot

Elizabeth Short was a star-struck young woman whose body was found completely severed at the waist in January 1947 in Los Angeles. She would be forever remembered as the Black Dahlia, and her murder remains one of the most infamous unsolved cases in the world to this day. But few people know that more than a dozen other women died in similar circumstances in Los Angeles around the same time.

HOLLYWOOD & CRIME recreates investigations into notorious crimes and scandals in early 20th-century Los Angeles. Season 1, THE BLACK DAHLIA SERIAL KILLERS, available now on Wondery, reopens the investigations into the unsolved cases of eight women of the women, including the hottest cold case of all, the murder of Elizabeth Short, AKA the Black Dahlia.

Their stories are told based on rigorous research enlivened with dramatizations of the investigations by seasoned Hollywood voice actors and recorded using state-of-the-art sound design.

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