History of the Sunset Strip in Hollywood's Golden Era

Jon Ponder

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Film Clip from ‘Casablanca’: Ilsa Asks Sam to Play ‘As Time Goes By’

November 2016: 50th Anniversary of the Sunset Strip Riots

Go Inside Cafe Trocadero on the Strip in the Early Thirties

From former Los Angeles Times columnist Cecilia Rasmussen, here’s a description of the genesis of Cafe Trocadero, published on Dec. 7, 1997:

Sunset Strip 1950, Looking East Near Sweetzer

From the Los Angeles Public Library: “Cars travel in both directions on Sunset Boulevard, at Sweetzer Avenue, in what is now West Hollywood. Seen are homes in the Hollywood Hills, Foster and Kleiser billboards for Grant’s whiskey and Ford automobiles,… Continue Reading →

Lovely Tribute Video to Barbara Payton, ‘Queen of the Nightclubs’ on the Sunset Strip

Gene Roddenberry’s Curious Inspiration for Mr. Spock: LAPD Chief William Parker

The death of Leonard Nimoy last week was one of those rare losses to the culture that cuts across generations. As Mr. Spock, the ultra-rational, half-human, half-alien character he portrayed on “Star Trek,” Nimoy was instantly recognizable to sci-fi fans… Continue Reading →

Then and Now: Sunset Plaza Apartments, Luxury Living at the Sunset Strip’s Historic Core

During the Sunset Strip’s early incarnation as Hollywood’s playground, the Strip was more than just an entertainment destination where the stars dined, drank and gambled, it was a desirable address. Perched on a hill above Sunset Plaza midway along the… Continue Reading →

Aerial View of 1930s West Hollywood

This is a section of an aerial photo of West Hollywood taken in the early 1930s that has been slightly enlarged to highlight noteworthy historic sites, including (1) the stately-looking home of Victor Ponet, an early major landowner in the… Continue Reading →

Then and Now: Trocadero in the 1940s

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