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Then & Now: Western End of the Sunset Strip

The 9100 block of Sunset Blvd. looking west into Beverly Hills

The top photo was probably taken in the early 1930s. The building on the left with the pan tile roof would later house the Cock ‘N Bull Restaurant, at 9170 Sunset Blvd. Hornburg Jaguar at 9176 Sunset Blvd. occupies the space today.

Moscow Mule Invented at the Cock ‘N Bull

Cock ‘n Bull in 1937

At the behest of a Schmirnoff distributor, Jack Morgan, the proprietor of the Cock ‘N Bull, a celebrity haunt at 9170 Sunset, invents the Moscow Mule, the drink that allegedly introduced vodka to the American public. Besides vodka, a Moscow Mule included ginger beer, lime juice, a sprig of mint and a lime slice served in an engraved copper mug.

TV Food and Drink:

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