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Photos: Brenda Allen Burns, Witness in the ‘White Slave’ Trial, July 1940

Original caption: Brenda Allen Burns today told jurors in the white slave trial how she tried unsuccessfully for three hours to resist the advances of “Glamor Boy” Bristol Barrett and the “sales talks” of men luring her into a life of shame. Brenda Allen Burns had several known aliases: Brenda Allen Burns, Brenda Burns Allen, Brenda Burns, Brenda Burris. Photograph July 18, 1940.

The future notorious Sunset Strip madam Brenda Allen in 1940, when she claimed to be 21 years old, at the time of her involvement in the “white slavery” scandal involving Ann Forrester, the “Black Widow,” and her boss, Charles Montgomery.

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Brenda Allen’s Style – Black Imported Garbardine and Primrose Covered Hat for State Supreme Court Appearance

Brenda Allen posing for photographers before a court appearance on Oct. 31, 1949

Hollywood A-list madam Brenda Allen was out of jail in the fall of 1949, but only temporarily. The police payoff scandal that had erupted around her in May 1949 — exactly one year after she’d been arrested in her swanky bordello on the Sunset Strip — was now running its course.

She still had a year left to serve on a pandering conviction, however, and she was in court this day for a hearing on her appeal to have the sentence reduced to time served because one of the witnesses — the undercover policewoman posing as a prostitute who had testified that Brenda had offered her work — had recanted part of her testimony.

Brenda was popular with the press and she was known for showing up for court in the latest fashions. Before the proceedings got underway, she posed for photographs and provided reporters with the breakdown of her outfit. According to the Times, “She wore a suit of black imported gabardine — she stressed ‘imported’ — with light pink lace jabot at the neck. On her head was a pert black hat garlanded in cloth flowers and adorned with baby blue ribbon.

“‘In case you want to know what kind of flowers they are,’ she said, ‘they are primroses.'”

A reporter noted that the “heavy scent of Arabian Night perfume” wafted through the courtroom when she took the stand.

Ad for Brenda Allen’s A-List Out Call Service That Appeared in the Motion Picture Academy’s ‘Player’s Directory’

Ad for Brenda Allen's A-List Out Call Service That Appeared in the Motion Picture Academy's 'Player's Directory'In 1946 and ’47, when Hollywood madam Brenda Allen ran her call-girl service out of her apartment at Casa Fedora (which is still standing at 861 S. Fedora St. [map]), she advertised in the Players Directory, which is published by AMPAS, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, producers of the Oscar’s. Check out the phone number for her service.

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