Sunset Boulevard before it was the Strip, circa 1920: A. Future Wallace Reid Home Site; B. William S. Hart Home; C. Future Site of Sunset Tower; D. N. Kings Road; E. Future Site of Andaz Hotel; F. Sunset Boulevard; G. Future Site of Piazza del Sol; H. De Longpre Avenue; I. John Barrymore Estate (Unconfirmed); J. Olive Drive

My latest from WEHOVille: In 1935 the Los Angeles Times called Hacienda Park “Hollywood’s most exclusive residential section.” But even then its fame was starting to wane – and today the old neighborhood at the eastern end of the Sunset Strip has been totally forgotten.

Check out the “then and now” gif below that Twitter follower Nic Musolino created by matching the 1920 aerial shot of Hacienda Park above with the same area today via Google Earth.

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