Errol Flynn’s Typical Day at the Garden of Allah

“My child, will you have a glass of champagne?”

Errol Flynn in a swimming pool with a beer

From the Errol Flynn Blog:

My dear fellow Flynnians,

I just finished the 1970 edition of Sheilah Graham’s book, “The Garden of Allah” [in which she describes Errol Flynn’s life at the hotel].

Former Garden owner Frank Ehrhart recalled that Errol had a strict regimen: At 12:30 p.m., his secretary would set up a bottle of champagne and two glasses on a table among the chaise lounges by the pool.

An hour later, Flynn would appear wearing a blue blazer with white or grey pants and an ascot and mingle with his friends and neighbors who were lounging by the pool.

Before too long, he would approach a beautiful young woman and ask, “My child, will you have a glass of champagne?”

By then all eyes were on them wondering how long it would take Errol to get the girl into his villa.


  1. Hi
    do you know where I can get a copy of this photo.
    I really need to get larger version and put it in a in a frame.

    any help will be greatly appreciated
    I am now based in the UK, big Flynn fan , ex California!

  2. Hi Alex – Sorry, I found it online. I was searching for a photo of Flynn later in life sipping champagne. This was a close as I got.

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