The Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip, shown here in red, is the 1.7-mile section of Sunset Boulevard that crosses through the city limits of West Hollywood, connecting Hollywood in the east to Beverly Hills in west. The dotted line indicates roughly two blocks of Sunset in Hollywood – where both the Garden of Allah Hotel and Schwab’s Drug Store were located – that are informally considered to be part of the Sunset Strip. In the era covered in this book, what is now West Hollywood was unincorporated and sometimes referred to as “the county strip.” (Click map for larger view)

  •  1. Sunset Strip in Hollywood
  •  2. Schwab’s site
  •  3. Garden of Allah site
  •  4. Chateau Marmont
  •  5. DeLongpre Avenue
    (Wallace Reid, W.S. Hart, Marilyn Monroe)
  •  6. Sunset Tower
  •  7. Ciro’s site
    (Comedy Store today)
  •  8. Hacienda Park Apartments
    (later Coronet Apartments, Piazza del Sol today)
  •  9. Clover Club site
  • 10. Londonderry Place
    (Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman, 1 of 2)
  • 11. Mocambo site
  • 12. Trocadero site
  • 13. Sunset Plaza
  • 14. Café Gala site
    (later Spago)
  • 15. Shoreham Heights
    (Humphrey Bogart, Lena Horne)
  • 16. Club Bali site
    (later Mickey Cohen’s offices)
  • 17. Melody Room
    (Viper Room today)
  • 18. Café LaMaze site
    (Later Sherry’s, and Gazzarri’s)
  • 19. Cordell Drive
    (George Cukor, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman, 2 of 2)
  • 20. Bird Streets
    Rock Hudson
  • 21. Sphinx Club site
    (later Little Troc)

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  1. your writings regarding west hollywood, the sunset strip and more
    are fascinating beyond words

    Thank you, nina jo lerner

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