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Early Sunset Strip Resident William S. Hart Bids Farewell to the Screen

William S. Hart was a resident of Hacienda Park, the precursor neighborhood along the eastern half of what would later become the Sunset Strip. Hart’s house is still there, preserved now as a city park. The house faces DeLongpre, but the property butts up against the east side of the Sunset Tower Hotel and backs against the 8300 block of the Strip.

Early Tour Bus Stop: Home of Wallace Reid, Silent Era ‘King of Paramount’ – First Big Star Felled by Addiction


View from Sunset Blvd. at Sweetzer, looking southwest (toward the ocean) at the back of the Reids’ home, which faced DeLongpre Ave. A small section of the W.S. Hart home can be seen at far right. The Hart house is still standing. The Standard Hotel, which fronts Sunset, occupies the Reids’ lot today.

The view of the back of Wallace Reid’s home in the postcard above is how it would appear to passengers on tour buses passing along Sunset toward Beverly Hills. The house, which faced De Longpre Ave., was replaced 60 years ago by the Thunderbird Motel, better known today as the Standard Hotel, which fronts Sunset.

Wallace Reid and Dorothy Davenport were a power couple in the Silent era. Wally was a bona fide all-American who could play action heroes and romantic leads. His box office drawsl earned him the title, “King of Paramount.” Dorothy got her start acting for D.W. Griffith and was a popular Universal player by age 17. They were both multi-talented — proficient as writers, directors and producers — and both came from multi-generational theatrical families. They met on the set of “His Only Son,” in 1912, and were married October 13, 1913.


Front view of Reids’ home, from DeLongpre at Sweetzer looking northwest

In 1920, The Reids purchased two lots at 8327 DeLongpre Ave.[map], in Hacienda Park, as the neighborhood around this section of the Strip was known originally, and built this exotic Italianate mansion with a red tile roof, stunning views toward the ocean and a swimming pool.

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